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Writing, Articles and Media

Jules' writing has been published in peer-reviewed journals and via organisations such as SAND and Highly Sensitive Refuge. She has offered talks and been interviewed on various podcasts on High Sensitivity, Transpersonal Coaching Psychology and more. Jules is also the senior editor of the Transpersonal Coaching Psychology Journal. You can explore her writing and publications below.

Published Work

De Vitto, J. (2023). An interpretative case study exploring open awareness within transpersonal coaching for highly sensitive people. Transpersonal Coaching Psychology Journal, Vol. 2 (Sep. 2023), pp. 25-32 >>


De Vitto, J. (2021). Reiki practitioners’ experiences of self-healing and transformation: An intuitive inquiry. Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology, 2, 1-15.

Blog Posts and Articles

Trauma and Awakening for Highly Sensitive People, Publish in SAND: Science and Non-Duality >>

The Scientific Benefit of Cultivating a Self-Compassion Practice, New Life Portugal >>

How to Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person, Highly Sensitive Refuge >>

8 Reasons why Highly Sensitive People Make Great Leaders, Highly Sensitive Refuge >>

Other Articles

Other Ways of Knowing and the Gifts of HSP >>

Transpersonal Coaching for Highly Sensitive People: Exploring Self and Parts >>

The Highly Sensitive Person: Going Beyond the Current Paradigm >>

Grief and Sorrow for the Highly Sensitive Person: Inspired by Francis Weller's 5 Gates of Grief  >>

Podcast Interviews

Sensitive SEO Podcast, Empowering Highly Sensitive People to Embody their Authentic Gifts with Jules De Vitto >>

Quiet and Strong Podcast, Finding Passion and Purpose as a HSP >>

The Highly Sensitive Human Podcast with Jules De Vitto >>

The Healthy Sensitive Podcast, Transpersonal Coaching for Highly Sensitive People >>

Other Interviews/Talks

Scientific and Medical Network: Conscious Practices for Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty >>

Coaching & Parts Work: Somatic & Transpersonal approaches with Jules De Vitto >>

The importance of cultivating sensitivity as coaches & facilitators with Jules De Vitto and Jevon Dangeli >>

Highly Sensitive People and Transpersonal Coaching - empowering compassion >> 

Book/Journal Publications

De Vitto, J. (2020). Resilience: Navigating Loss in a Time of Crisis. Changemakers Books.

Dängeli, J., De Vitto, J., Geldenhuys, H. (Eds.) (2023). The Transpersonal Coaching Psychology Journal, Vol 2. IACTM.

Dängeli, J., De Vitto, J., Geldenhuys, H. (Eds.) (2022). The Transpersonal Coaching Psychology Journal, Vol 1. IACTM.

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