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Transpersonal & Integrative Coaching Psychology

A balanced, integrative & embodied approach: uniting psychological and spiritual perspectives to support you on your journey

What is Transpersonal and Integrative Coaching?

As a Transpersonal and Integrative Coach I combine different approaches and perspectives into my work. What makes this style of coaching different from other approaches is the fact that the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions of our reality are integrated and are a fundamental part of the coaching experience.


In sessions together, we explore our personality as well as the spiritual and unconscious aspects of our human experience.

We work with the whole human being, and this includes:


  • The transpersonal or spiritual realms

  • Our personality and personal psychology

  • The unconscious

  • Our past, present and future

In 1-1 coaching sessions, you will be offered a safe and compassionate space to explore your journey of healing and transformation. In our sessions together, we will discover and uncover one or many of the following aspects:

Shadow Work

Integrating the shadow, and disowned aspects of yourself.

The Inner Child

Integrating past experiences and

the inner child

Connection to

Cultivating connection with our core and authentic Self

Spiritual Crisis & Awakening

Reframing times of crisis or struggle as part of our psycho-spiritual journey

Find Meaning and Purpose

Exploring your values, mission and purpose - what gives your meaning


Exploring the challenges that arise during times of life transition

Why Transpersonal Coaching?

Despite the fact we're living in a world that is more ‘connected’ than ever before–there is an increasing and widespread sense of isolation and loneliness being experienced by so many of us. Many of us feel disconnected from our true selves - from soul and source, and this is leading to higher levels of depression, stress, anxiety and burnout.


Transpersonal and integrative coaching offers a supportive and compassionate space to guide you on your journey of transformation. The sessions provide a space and the resources to take actionable steps and bring you back into alignment with your authentic self. Here are some of the approaches and philosphies that I use within my Transpersonal Coaching. I also specialise in working with those who identify as a Highly Sensitive Person.

The Highly Sensitive Person

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? Discover the trait and tools for navigating sensitivity

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Open Awareness

Entering expansive states of conscious and open awareness

Working with Dream & Symbols

Working with images from the unconscious and dream work

'Parts' Work

In Transpersonal Coaching, we are working with parts of our psyche, integrating them to bring ourselves back into wholeness.

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An Integrative

Explore our holistic and integrative model for embodied transformation

Mindfulness & Meditation

We explore mindfulness and meditative practices. There is also an emphasis on self-compassion practices

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