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A Balanced, Integrative and Embodied Approach

Uniting psychological and spiritual perspectives to support you on your journey


Hi, and welcome to my site! I’m a transpersonal coach and therapist who is here to support you through challenging life transitions or times of crisis. This might include navigating experiences of stress, anxiety, burnout, grief or loss. When we work together, we focus not only on cultivating resilience through difficulty, but also finding meaning and purpose through adversity. It is my belief that we are able to emerge through times of crisis positively transformed.

What is a Transpersonal Approach?

  • Transpersonal Psychology has moved on from the earlier cognitive-behavioural and humanistic approaches into an even more holistic and integrative approach of the mind, body and spirit.

  • Focuses on potential and possibility instead of pathology.

  • Recognises that experience of burnout, a loss of meaning in our life, anxiety, depression, or certain types of crisis are part of a transformative journey.

  • Includes the beyond ego, transcendent and spiritual potential of human experience. I understand the spiritual as, “an inner experience of connection to something greater than ourselves, a personal sense of the sacred and meaningful”.​

  • Acknowledges that times of ‘crisis’ are opportunities to grow and ‘emerge’, to higher levels of psychological functioning and spiritual awareness.

  • Integrates mindfulness techniques which allow you to access more expansive states, connect with your intuitive awareness and alternative ways of ‘knowing’.

 “a change in the way you see the world— and a shift in how you see yourself. It’s not simply a change in your point of view, but rather a whole different perception of what’s possible”


Out Now!

This book explores the many forms of loss that can happen in times of crisis. These losses can range from loss of business, financial security, routine, structure to the deeper losses of meaning, purpose or identity. The author draws on her background in transpersonal psychology, integrating spiritual insights and mindfulness practices to take the reader on a journey in which to help them navigate the stages of uncertainty that follow loss. The book provides several practical activities, guided visualization and meditations to cultivate greater resilience, courage and strength and also explores the potential to find greater meaning and purpose through times of crisis.

How can my approach help you?

Despite living in a world that is more globally ‘connected’ than ever before–there is an increasing and widespread sense of isolation and loneliness being experienced by so many people.


Life can be tough and we are moving at a faster pace that ever before, with greater demands being placed on us. Many of us feel disconnected from our true selves - from soul and from source and this is leading to higher levels of stress, anxiety and experiences of burnout.


We often feel ‘stuck’ in our minds and there is an urgency to move past destructive thoughts and overwhelming emotions such as anger, anxiety or fear.


Many of us are being held back by limiting beliefs and behaviours that do not serve us. We are looking for a way to move past our struggles and find a greater sense of meaning and purpose in life. Without the right support in place, making positive shifts and changes can be very difficult. I have found that the support and guidance offered through coaching and therapy sessions are a crucial element for the emergence of significant transformation and healing.


Transpersonal coaching and therapy offers this supportive and compassionate space, as you embark on your journey towards greater well-being. The sessions enable you to navigate experiences of anxiety, depression, grief and stress. You will learn how to go beyond limiting beliefs, addictive thought processes, and connect with the meaning and purpose behind your experiences. You will take manageable steps to live a life in alignment with your authentic self - healthier, happier, connected and more at peace.


A Transpersonal approach encourages altered and expansive states of mind that are receptive to transpersonal and intuitive ways of knowing. These states enable you to take a wider perspective on your experiences, connect with your intuition, and cultivate an awareness of a greater consciousness. This provides you with a greater ability to navigate experiences of anxiety, depression, grief and stress.



Find Support with..

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Grief

  • Depression

  • Existential depression e.g. loss of meaning or purpose

  • Navigating difficult life transitions 

  • Finding meaning and purpose duing times of crisis

  • Addictions

  • Relationship Problems

  • Spirituality, Spiritual Crisis and Spiritual Awakening 

  • Self-Esteem

  • Sleep or Insomnia 


Jules De Vitto (MSc, MA, PGCE, BSc)

  • MSc Transpersonal Psychology, Consciousness and Spirituality, Middlesex University

  • MA Education, Nottingham University

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education International (PGCE) Nottingham University

  • BSc Psychology, Nottingham Trent University

Coaching Qualifications

  • Transpersonal Coaching Certification

  • Authentic-Self-Empowerment Facilitator

Counselling Qualifications 


  • Diploma in Youth Counselling, Institute of Counselling

  • Counselling Across Cultures Certificate

  • The Heart of Counselling Certificate

Mindfulness Training

  • Difficult Emotions, Mindful Schools

  • Mindful Educators, Mindful Schools

  • Mindfulness Fundamentals, Mindful Schools


I worked with Jules for over two years. She offered transpersonal coaching and helped me achieve transformational healing in my body, mind, and spirit. Through my work with Jules, I was able to overcome intense grief caused by loss and she helped me overcome addiction, re-build my confidence, and achieve a new sense of self worth and self esteem. She helped me cultivate more deeply meaningful relationships with others, my body, and my heart and I am truly, eternally grateful to her. I believe that Jules is infinitely gifted and through working with her, anyone will be able to achieve incredible change and healing in their lives.

-Cheyenne, USA

I went to Jules with relationship and life issues. I found her approach which includes transpersonal psychology, guided meditation and NVC very holistic, healing and helpful. She was very professional and followed up by sending me information to read and practice, suggested meditations to continue at home and a book to read. She helped me out of a state of confusion and depression and I would highly recommend anyone to take a session with her.


Jules is a warm-hearted, friendly person who has a lot of understanding and knowledge around transition and life change. She guides with compassion and kindness along with great insight, helping you explore your resistances with well placed questioning and challenge. If you choose to work one on one with Jules you are in very safe, supportive hands.

-Mel, England


When I came to Jules I was feeling lost and I couldn’t see a way forward. I’d been wanting to quit my job and change my lifestyle for a while – the life I was living just didn’t ‘fit’ me anymore. I felt too afraid to make the changes and I also didn’t know how, or what it was that I really wanted. Jules helped me to listen to my intuition, connect with my purpose and figure out the deeper meaning behind my anxiety. Jules’ coaching was not like anything I’d received before because she integrated many different aspects. Since completing her coaching sessions I’ve been able to make huge changes in my life and I finally feel like I’m living the life I was always meant to be living.

- Tom, London

When I came to Jules, I was going through a major transition. I was leaving the job, connections, and home I had had for the past 1.5 years. I was moving to a new city, starting my own business, and starting a new part-time job. This can be a scary situation to go into alone! I'm so glad I got Jules's help during this time of uncertainty. Jules was able to help me see this transition as an opportunity to grow, and to take good care of myself as I settle into my new life. Her kind, nurturing, compassionate, yet practical presence was such a gift during this time! Now, I feel more confident and ready to weather the changes I'm currently going through, and am looking forward to my future with even more excitement and groundedness!

- Emma, USA

Meeting Jules has been one of the greatest moments of my journey. She has been a great role model and a teacher. Jules’ energy and attitude is always positive and patient. We will meet special people who will help guide us through to our true purposes in our lifetime(s) and Jules was one of those special pillars for me in

-Anna, Shanghai, China.

'I felt welcomed and comfortable in a calming space. Jules’ positive and nursing nature made me feel at home and interested to learn from her. My experienced with Jules have benefited me immensely. She has the ability to guide me towards healing and wellness. If I feel anxious about something, I can think back to her advice and feel calm'

-Michael, Shanghai, China

'Jules takes the time to help guide each person through her meditations and discussions for self-discovery and improvement. She helped guide me through to what my soul was actually looking for at that moment and assisted me to reconnect with my intuition so I can better understand how to feel the true purpose of my higher self.'

-Chris, China

'Jules is wonderful in the sense that, she holds the space for everyone, honouring each person’s process, allowing the transformation to occur slowly, silently, and soothingly. She is caring, warm and a sincere person who puts her heart and soul into helping people through their self-healing. Her calm energy always has a huge influence on me, and I experience a deep sense of relaxation during her sessions. I feel refreshed and energised the day after.

-Sandra, Shanghai


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