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Transpersonal and Integrative Coaching & Counselling

A balanced, integrative & embodied approach which unites psychological

and spiritual perspectives.


About Jules

Jules De Vitto is a Transpersonal Coach & Counsellor who guides sensitive souls to navigate their inner world and come into deeper connection with their soul's purpose. Her approach is balanced, integrative & embodied, uniting psychological and spiritual perspectives.

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Are you a sensitive soul seeking guidance on your unique psycho-spiritual journey? 

Have you struggled to step into your unique purpose? Do you feel called to make a difference, but feel overwhelmed or stuck with your next steps? Do you feel misunderstood or have a sense that you’re ‘different’ because of your deep sensitivity? 

With years of experience in the field of transpersonal psychology and integrative coaching and counselling Jules brings a wealth of knowledge, empathy and compassion into her practice. Jules is passionate about supporting sensitive souls on their psycho-spiritual journey, looking to connect with their inner soul’s calling. This includes highly sensitive changemakers, healers and leaders who wish to embrace their sensitivity.


 She offers 1-1 transpersonal and integrative coaching or counselling for those who wish to come into a deeper connection with their authentic nature. Through coaching or counselling, you can uncover and integrate the parts which may be keeping you stuck and work towards greater wholeness so you can fulfil your  innate purpose.

Why seek out a transpersonal and integrative approach as a highly sensitive person?


The majority of coaches, counsellors and therapists are not aware of the temperament of high sensitivity and so don’t know how to engage or support us with our sensitivity in a way where we feel fully seen or understood. Many mainstream approaches also exclude the transpersonal or an awareness that we're on a psycho-spiritual journey; they are quick to pathologise non-ordinary states of consciousness or dismiss them.


Many professionals are also not trauma-informed or qualified to engage in the deeper aspects of our unconscious, such as shadow or grief work, that is so critical for our transformation. The transpersonal and integrative approach to coaching and counselling does not attempt to diagnose, pathologise, or disregard the spiritual or soul level of our experience.

Programs & Offerings

Jules offers professional courses and training via the Highly Sensitive Human Academy. This includes an online 3-month professional certification on how to coach highly sensitive people. You can also learn more about her 1-1 coaching and counselling services. Finally, click below to explore her published writing, articles, podcasts and other interviews. 

The Highly Sensitive Human Academy


Professional Training & Courses for Highly Sensitive People

Transpersonal Coaching & Counselling

Life coaching

1:1 Coaching and Counselling Sessions

Writing, Articles &

Desk with Book

Published writing, blog, articles and interviews

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Jules specialises in the area of the Highly Sensitive Person, Navigating Grief and Transpersonal Coaching Psychology. Click below to explore more of her work. 

The Highly Sensitive

Human Academy

Navigating Grief

& Sorrow

Transpersonal Coaching Psychology 


"Jules is wonderful in the sense that, she holds the space for everyone, honouring each person’s process, allowing the transformation to occur slowly, silently, and soothingly. She is a caring, warm and sincere person who puts her heart and soul into helping people through their self-healing you are.”

Coaching Client

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