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Below are the audio recordings of a series of workshops which offer a holistic way to build resilience and navigate times of uncertainty. All workshops include a 20-minute guided meditation that focuses on the area that is being discussed. 

*The coversations between those who joined the sessions have been cut/edited out

Grounding & Connecting

Listen to the live recording from my workshop Grounding and Connecting. I talk about the importance of grounding and guide through a 15 minute meditation for connecting with the energies of the earth and connecting with each other.

Grounding and ConnectingJules De Vitto
00:00 / 29:51

Letting go & Finding Flow

Listen to the live recording from my workshop Lettting Go and Finding Flow. I talk about the importance of letting go of resistence to change and emotions which don't serve us anymore. I guide us through a 15 minute meditation for letting go of old beliefs and entering into a state of flow and expansion.

Finding Flow and Letting GoJules De Vitto
00:00 / 38:29

Courage, Strength & Resilience

While navigating these times of uncertainty it is important to connect with our core self and the will of our personal power to help us through these difficult times. In this workshop we draw on our courage and strength of character to cultivate resilience. The meditation relates to the energy of our solar plexus and the element of fire. 


Courage, Strength, ResilienceJules De Vitto
00:00 / 38:59

Cultivating Compassion

During this meditation workshop we discuss the meaning of compassion and why cultivating compassion is so important. We use the meditation practice to open our hearts fully to the experiences that are present for us, embrace our vulnerability and welcome our emotions with an open, non-judgemental awareness. We hold this compassion for ourselves, then offer this energy out to others and the world. 


Introduction to Compassion WorkshopJules De Vitto
00:00 / 05:44
Live Compassion MeditationJules De Vitto
00:00 / 32:42


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Below are the recordings from the recent Paradigm Explorers, London ONLINE workshops. Visit the Scientific and Medical Network to watch and listen to the live recordings

Watch the LIVE Recording 

Conscious Practices For Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty

  • What is resilience and how do we cultivate it?

  • Working with emotions that arise during times of uncertainty

  • Recognising ‘crisis’ as an opportunity for growth and transformation

  • Compassionate exercises to help us

  • Learning to observe our emotional experiences

  • What we can learn about through the act of of ‘surrender’

Watch Here

Watch the LIVE Recording 

Self-Compassion for Building Resilience 

  • What is self-compassion and why is it so important?

  • Why we start with self-compassion before extending compassion out to others and the world?

  • The research to support the benefits of self-compassion

  • Settling into the emotions of uncertainty

  • Discovering that vulnerability is a strength

  • Letting go of resistance and finding acceptance

  • Creating space for all our emotions and experiences

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