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Transpersonal Coaching & Counselling

Jules De Vitto is a Transpersonal and Integrative Coach and Counsellor who guides sensitive souls to navigate their inner world and come into deeper connection with their soul's purpose. Her approach is balanced, integrative and embodied, uniting psychological and spiritual perspectives.

Transpersonal and Integrative Coaching

Are you looking for a way to connect with your authentic self and live a life that is aligned with your deeper values, purpose and meaning? Transpersonal and integrative coaching offers you a framework in which to connect with your soul purpose whilst also cultivating the tools to navigate the more challenging experiences of overwhelm, stress and times of crisis.

You might be struggling with your work-life balance or knowing how to take the next steps in life, career, family or relationships. You might be feeling overwhelmed, experiencing anxiety or having difficulties clarifying your values and communicating your needs.

Many people come for coaching with me because of limiting beliefs that are holding them back, wounded parts that keep them stuck, a lack of clarity on their values or because they are experiencing a spiritual emergence or non-ordinary experiences that they want to make sense of and integrate.

I will help you explore the depth of your psyche while integrating practical strategies to navigate life's challenges. Unlike other approaches to coaching and therapy- I work with the understanding that there is nothing that needs to be fixed or got rid of. We work to integrate and find the deeper meaning behind the symptoms and conditions that are present in your life so they can be transformed and integrated for the benefit of ourselves, others and the world.


Transpersonal and integrative coaching is a holistic approach which embraces mind, body, soul, spirit, shadow and the inter-relationship domain. We focus on the somatic manifestation and symptoms in the body, integrate parts and work towards a more whole and integrated self which feels confident and empowered in the world.

Transpersonal and Integrative Counselling

In addition to coaching, I also provide 1-1 transpersonal and integrative counselling. There are many similarities to coaching; however, counselling takes place over a longer period of time with a greater number of sessions. We are likely to work with more complex issues and explore a range of contexts and areas of your life. With both coaching and counseling, the following apply:

  • We explore unconscious processes that are at the root of problems.

  • Person/client-centred.

  • Non-pathologising.

  • Emphasis on open awareness and holding space.

  • Past, present and future-orientated, (coaching has more of an emphasis on the present and future).

  • Integrates the spiritual domain and embodied approaches.

  • Focussed on finding meaning, purpose and alignment with authentic self.

Coaching or Counselling?

Counselling may be better suited if you struggle more with day-to-day functioning because of burnout, stress and anxiety and if you need to build a more solid and secure foundation.


Coaching may be more appropriate for you if you are looking to take steps forward into a more aligned and purpose-filled path. Sometimes, both approaches are necessary and can be combined. If you are unsure, we can discuss the best path for you in an initial consultation. 

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What approaches or modalities are included? 

Jules' philosophy and approach is inspired by transpersonal coaching psychology, psychosynthesis, internal family systems, polyvagal theory and trauma-informed approaches, depth psychology, Buddhist philosophy, compassion-focussed and mindfulness-based interventions.

Book a 30-Minute Consultation

For a fee of £45 / $55 you can book an initial consultation where we will establish if the 1-1 sessions are the right fit for you. We will discuss the proposed path forward and resources to get you started.

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