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Open Awareness

It is a liminal space that is open, receptive, and emergent and that promotes transpersonal knowing. The space is an expanded state of awareness that encourages (us) to accept, surrender and experience the unfolding of our experiences.

- Jevon Dangeli

Light and Shadow Portrait

Open Awareness

In transpersonal coaching, I focus on the held space between myself and the client. Within this held space, I emphasise the qualities of intuition, connection, compassion and the healing effect of entering transpersonal, expansive and altered state of awareness. 


The mindfulness technique of open-awareness assists in the creation of this held space, as it promotes a state of being in which the inner and outer worlds merge to form a greater sense of interconnectedness.


It enables one to perceive the interacting parts of a whole and involves moving towards a non-dual awareness in which the personal, interpersonal and transpersonal aspects of one’s being are embodied.


Within coaching sessions, I enter Open Awareness and then guide you into the same space using a meditative process. This enables both of us to experience an embodied yet expanded state of consciousness, which encourages an open, empathetic and compassionate space.


I have experienced within coaching sessions and other contexts that entering open awareness creates a compassionate, empathetic and transformative space. I experience a greater sense of flow in which there is an awareness of the energetic connection between myself, the other person and the space itself. It is a sense of feeling expansive yet grounded at the same time, which enables me to feel more connected and guided by my intuition. 


When coaching others, I consider this intuitive and expanded yet present awareness to be extremely impactful on the client’s ability to make transformative shifts. The cultivation of an open-monitoring style of attention helps in the embodied awareness of oneself, others and the environment. 


Coaching Sessions

If you're interested in exploring 1-1 Transpersonal Coaching, you can schedule a complimentary, no-obligation 30-minute discovery call right here. At the scheduled time of your discovery call, we’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.

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