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Grief Tending for
Highly Sensitive People

Are you a sensitive soul drawn to deepen your relationship with grief and engage in the importance of shadow work? Jules is passionate about offering spaces for individuals and communities to move towards our grief rather than turning away or attempting to ‘fix’ it. Developing this relationship with our individual and collective grief and sorrow enables us to open our hearts and come into a deeper connection with ourselves, others and the world for our necessary healing and transformation.

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Grief Tending for Sensitive Souls: Embracing the Sorrow & Sacred
(3-Month C

Grief is something we are all familiar with - it is a deeply personal and natural response to loss, encompassing a range of emotions and stages. Jules' courses are inspired by the work of Francis Weller and explore the five gates of grief: Everything we love we will lose; The Places that have not known love; The Sorrows of the World; What we expected and did not receive; Ancestral Grief. 

On the course we will explore grief related to the ending of relationships, the loss of loved ones, as well as giving space to other types of unspoken and unacknowledged grief. This includes grieving the parts of ourselves we have disowned, processing collective sorrow and grieving a pervasive loss of belonging and connection that so many of us experience.

Grief is an intrinsic and fundamental aspect of the human experience that connects us deeply to the sacred and the soul.

We are all familiar with the evolving skies of grief, yet we cannot fully articulate the complexity and depth of grief's ever-changing landscape. Grief evokes emotions that reverberate through the vast space of our souls - it is more than a series of emotions or a process that we need to 'fix' or 'get over'. Grief is an intrinsic and fundamental aspect of the human experience that connects us deeply to the sacred and the soul. We live an intricate and close relationship with grief and despite attempts to deny this, we are collectively being drawn towards the inevitable need to come into relationship with the parts of ourselves that are submerged in the grief and trauma of our past and present.


Grief and sorrow accumulate and entangle themselves in the depths of our being. Many of us are familiar with a soul longing for authentic connection and deep belonging, which can never be fulfilled by the accruement of material possessions or through the attempt to meet the societal expectations of what we 'should' be. There is a deep sorrow related to our severance with soul, and, paradoxically, it is the depth of this sorrow that also enables us to hold a deep reverence for life, and brings awareness to the necessity of working with the emotions and energy of our shadow.


One of the gifts of sensitivity is not only our ability to experience the rapture of awe, gratitude and profound appreciation for life, but to feel the depth of our individual and collective pain and suffering. In times of crisis, we recognise that our intimacy with grief is also deeply related to the temperament of sensitivity. We feel an intense visceral urgency to turn towards and come into compassionate union with the grief and sorrow of the world, rather than trying to deny it, push it away or 'fix' it. There is a need for us to stop and really listen to the collective grief, sorrow and trauma and connect with it from the space of our hearts. This takes a huge amount of courage and an ability to recognise our shadow as well as embrace the parts which we may find it easier to turn away from. 

6-Month Trauma-Informed Grief Facilitator Training: Integrating the Shadow, Soul & Sacred 

Become a trauma-informed grief facilitator for Highly Sensitive People: Integrating the Shadow, Soul & Sacred. More details coming soon; join the waitlist to be the first to receive the information.

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