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My Philosophy & Approach

Hi! Thanks for visiting my site! I'm a transpersonal coach and therapist who supports people through challenging life transitions or times of crisis. This might include navigating experiences of stress, anxiety and grief. I guide people on their journey, helping them to connect with the meaning and purpose behind their experiences, so they can take manageable steps to live a life in alignment with their authentic self. I believe that with the right support, a time of crisis can lead to a significant spiritual and psychological transformation of the whole self. 

My passion for a more ‘transpersonal’ approach to coaching and therapy grew from years of studying various types of psychology, counselling, mindfulness, coaching and complementary healing techniques. I have combined modern day psychology with the teachings from many mystical and spiritual traditions across the world. These teachings include a shared understanding that we are part of a collective field of consciousness and are more than a ‘body’ and ‘mind’. 

My Journey

I was drawn towards transpersonal psychology as I have felt limited by more ‘mainstream’ approaches towards well-being and the treatment of mental health issues. This includes the more reductionistic approaches which suggest we are simply made up of a mind and body alone.


The original meaning of the word psychology (which comes from the Greek – psyche and logos) means the study of the soul. Many therapeutic approaches have disregarded the concept of a ‘soul’ or a greater consciousness that goes beyond the ego. We can define the soul in many ways, yet, what feels significant is the idea that there is ‘something’ which goes beyond the brain and body and that we are part of a collective, interdependent consciousness.

Our healing and growth can come from experiencing expanded or altered states of consciousness. We can explore these states through yoga, meditation, breath work or through other therapeutic practices. I have found these activities are complementary to a more transpersonal approach to coaching and therapy and support us on our journey towards greater healing and wholeness.


Experiences of anxiety, depression and times of crisis can be very difficult to face. The onset of an illness, stress and burnout, a breakup, the death of a loved losing a job and a way of life may trigger experiences of loss and uncertainty Yet, it is these experiences that often lead to psychological and spiritual growth. What is important is how we learn to navigate these experiences and connect with their meaning and purpose.

Mindfulness & Meditation

I have always been interested in psychology and, from the age of 23 onwards, I was guided towards Buddhist philosophy and meditation practises. I’ve attended many meditation retreats over the years, and I continue to integrate the concepts of Buddhism into my day-to-day life. I also lived in Asia for 11 years, and I have always been drawn toward the spiritual truths that are shared by various Eastern traditions. Many of these concepts come through in the work I share.

Work Experience

Before becoming a full-time coach and therapist, I taught for over ten years as a qualified primary school teacher. During this time I also developed a passion for working with children in a counselling context, and I have taken various counselling courses to learn how to support both children and adults in a counselling role. When I finished my career as a full-time teacher, I transitioned into working as a coach and therapist - offering my sessions online, in- person and through group workshops. 

I have worked at a mindfulness- based recovery center in the North of Thailand where I supported clients working through addictions, stress, burnout and recovery. During my time there, I offered both group workshops and one-one sessions.

Besides my coaching and therapy sessions, I have also worked as a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher for the past 8 years, and I often integrate sound therapy with Tibetan Singing Bowls into my complementary therapy work. I feel so much gratitude for being able to combine all of my work experience and training as a teacher, counsellor, coach and complementary therapist to form my unique approach to supporting and guiding people today. 

Reiki and My Research

I am trained as a Reiki Master and Teacher, and my practice of self-healing and healing others with Reiki has had a huge impact on my psychological and spiritual journey. I became curious as to how the attunement process and channeling Reiki impacts the healing and transformation of Practitioners.


For my MSc in Transpersonal Psychology, Spirituality & Consciousness, I researched the experiences of self-healing and transformation within Reiki Practitioners. This research has helped me to understand the lifelong journey of Reiki Practitioners and if you’re at all interested to learn more about my research, please contact me.

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