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Transpersonal Coaching sessions can support you through challenging life transitions or times of crisis. This might include navigating experiences of stress, anxiety or burnout. As a Transpersonal Coach, I am here to guide you on your journey, helping you to connect with the meaning and purpose behind your experiences, so you can take manageable steps to live a life in alignment with your authentic self.


With the right support, a time of crisis can lead to a significant spiritual and psychological transformation of the whole self. 

My transpersonal approach to coaching has stemmed from years of studying various types of psychology, counselling, mindfulness, coaching and complementary healing techniques.


The original meaning of the word psychology (which comes from the Greek – psyche and logos) means the study of the soul. Many therapeutic approaches have disregarded the concept of a ‘soul’ or a greater consciousness that goes beyond the ego. I have combined modern-day psychology with the teachings from many mystical and spiritual traditions across the world and these teachings include a shared understanding that we are part of a collective field of consciousness and are more than a ‘body’ and ‘mind’. 

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